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Formé Clinic

Formé Clinic

(01) 901 0176 ext: 87888 Václavské náměstí 36, Prague 1, Česká republika, 11000

Liposuction €1200  -  €2800
Liposuction of 1-2 areas From €1200
Liposuction of 3 areas From €2200
Liposuction of 4 areas From €2800
Liposuction of 5 areas From €2800
Tumescent Liposuction From €1200
Body-Jet™ Liposuction From €1200
Tummy Tuck €1800  -  €2260
Full Abdominoplasty From €2250
Fat Transfer
Fat transfer to wrinkles From €1400
Fat transfer to buttock From €4300
Fat Transfer to breast From €5000
Neck Liposuction
Face liposuction From €800
Neck Liposuction From €800
Double chin liposuction From €800
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from 83 verified reviews Patient Reviews of Formé Clinic

Anna Merseyside
Reviewed 02 June 2015 "Tiny bit of bruising but no swelling!"
"I am a 43 yr old lady from the Wirral in uk. I had upper and lower Blepharoplasty at Formé clinic just 10 days ago, I have only a tiny bit of bruising left and no swelling now at all!!! I had two consultations here in the UK first, one in Harley st London and one in Spire Murrayfield hospital, unfortunately the cost was way out of my range so I looked at clinics abroad. After much research I decided on forme clinic Prague. My surgery was performed by dr vasek and I am more than happy so far. I was very impressed by the proffesionalism of the whole team at the clinic, I was pleasantly surprised at the prompt responses and reassurance that I received from my first email enquiry, my every question and query was answered within an hour or so via email or personal phone call from jana the lovely client manager girl, this was my first ever surgery ( apart from a dodgy cheap dabble with treatment for wrinkles last year that did nothing) So as you can imagine ? I was in panic mode and even after weeks of googling surgeons abroad and prices and flight options and each dr's past and criteria and clinic cleanliness, and surgeons before and after pics and reviews...... I WAS STILL WARY,STILL SCARED! AND STILL PETRIFIED!!!!!!!! I decided and I made my choice and booked my flights and accomadation with help from Jana at reception at forme and on 21st may 2015 off I went ......alone. The flight was quick and un eventful, at Prague airport I was met by a free taxi from the clinic , and delivered to the doorstep of clinic/apatrtment building, as my op was the next day and recommended stay was 2 days I had booked into the apartments in the clinic building, my apartment was lovely! Very modern And slick, spotlessly clean and easy a 4 star with a smart tv, everything you could need and a marks and spencer next door! The clinic is just downstairs and the next day I arrived for my consultation at 9 am , greeted warmly by JAna and the nurses and then in for my consultation with dr vasek. He is fab! So honest and no nonsense but also intent on explaining everything in detail and giving you realistic outcome and goals that can be achieved. He answered my queries and thoroughly went through aftercare and do's and dont's until the swelling resides etc.... I liked his approach and I felt very safe and secure in hands when I was prepped and ready for surgery a few hours later. Again all staff were lovely and proffesional and the two theatre nurses held my hands and reassured me right through the procedure. The whole procedure took about an hour and I was awake and able to chat and ask questions right the way through. Afterwards I was taken to a side ward and had an ice eye mask applied and told to relax and rest. There was no hurry to discharch me and after an hr or so I was given my aftercare pack, pain killers, cream and drops and again the aftercare routine was explained to me in detail. I went back down stairs to my swanky apartment and inspected the damage in the mirror. I had swelling and bruising of course and 5 tiny stitches in my lower lids and a running stitch along my top lid crease. I felt fine, and actually nipped in to marks and spencer ( in dark glasses of course) to buy myself a nice tea and a cake! I slept upright as recommended and woke early the next day , my eyes felt very tight and uncomfortable but not at all painfully or sore. Next came .....MIRROR! and o.m.g ! ....looking back at me was Rocky Balboa after ten rounds with Apollo ! I did indeed have two black eyes as dr vasek had warned, but still no pain . I applied my ice face pack for twenty mins and took a painkiller just incase , got ready donned my glasses and took myself off for a stroll round beautifull Prague. Behind the glasses I looked excactly as expected " scary, swollen, bloody and like I.d just had surgery" ...... But I felt perfectly fine! By the next day the swelling and bruising had come out more , but regular ice pack helped and I again did a bit of shopping, and just relaxed. The next day I was homeward bound and again a free taxi was provided by the clinic to take me to the airport. The flight was fine and I arrived home relieved and happy, ....( but still a little rocky balboa like ,) Over the next few days the swelling subsided and 6 days after my surgery my stitches were removed. Luckily my mum is a retired nurse and my sister is a midwife so they were able to remove my stitches in my own home on my own sofa. I hardly felt a thing It is now 11 days since my blepharoplasty and I can see such a dramatic difference already! I have no bags!!!!!! I have eyelids!!!!! My eyelashes are visible again! No more droop below my eyebrows! ....and I wake up without the dreaded puffiness and tired eyes of old! I only have a tiny bit of tightness now and no bruising left at all. I hope this review helps anybody who is considering surgery at forme , obviously I can only review blepharoplasty and Dr Vaseks skills, but I am confident enough to have booked another procedure with forme in august and a friend of mine is so impressed with my experience , that she is booking a tummy tuck at the clinic. I know how daunting it is to decide on plastic surgery, never mind choosing a clinic and dr and then to travel abroad for the procedure! ... So I hope my review has helped anybody who is wary of surgery abroad. I am more than happy to answer any questions and rerasure anyone who is in the daunting position I was in when embarking on my journey. Anna x

First class! Experienced surgeon and lovely nursing staff. The clinic is state of the art and spotlessly clean. Everything is explained very thoroughly and the care and communication is second to none! I would give forme clinic 10 out of ten !"
Formé Clinic responded to this review:

Hi Anna, thank you very much for your wonderful review! We are so happy and grateful ;-) that's our pleasure make you satisfied and provide you a good service. Don't hesitate to contact us whenever you want ;-) Take care! Regards Kristýna + Staff of Formé clinic

Marjorie France
Reviewed 20 March 2017 "Great experience"
"A great experience, professional, and very happy of the result."
Formé Clinic responded to this review:

Dear Marjorie, thank you very much ;-) we are pleased you spent a good time at our clinic. Do not hesitate to contact me anytime! Regards Formé clinic

Michelle France
Reviewed 12 March 2017 "Excellent!"
"I had a lower face lift and a tummy tuck at the same time. Big surgery but I did not need liposuction or muscle tightening so risks were substantially reduced. I cannot say enough positive about Forme Clinic. Every step from the first email communication to the last day of aftercare (I chose to recover in an apartment just one floor up from the clinic) for two weeks with nursing care after surgery for the first week. The entire staff, nurses and doctors are all at the top of their profession and really caring and nice. The food, including organic choices, was very good. My results as I write post op 10 days (I'm still in the apartment recovering) are excellent, with almost no bruising. I cannot recommend Forme clinic enough!"
Formé Clinic responded to this review:

Dear Michelle, thank you so much you have undergone your surgery at Formé clinic. You have been very kind patient ;-) and you are always welcome at our clinic ;-) All staff wishes you a smooth healing ! Do not hesitate to contact us anytime. Regards Formé clinic

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  • SPCH - Spolecnost plastické chirurgie (Czech Republic) 


Plastic Surgery



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Plastic Surgery

From €3000
Arm Lift


Reduction of skin + liposuction with Body jet machine. Price includes consultation, anesthesia, hospitalization for 2 nights( food), postoperation care, aftercare medicaments. Final price, free taxi over Prague after surgery.

€2900  -  €3700
Breast Implants


Breast enlargement with rounded or anatomic implants. We use Nagor and Eurosilicon,both have quality requirements of ISO and EN standards and have the CE certificate. 

Price includes implants, consultation, anesthesia, postoperation care, hospitalization for 1 night (food), aftercare medicaments. Free taxi over Prague.

From €1850
Breast Lift


Price includes consultation, anesthesia, postoperation care, hospitalization for 1 night (food), aftercare medicaments. Final price, free taxi over Prague.

From €2200
Breast Reduction


The operation improves breast shape.

Price includes consultation, anesthesia, hospitalization for 2 nights( food), postoperation care, aftercare medicaments.

€950  -  €1700
Brow Lift


Client can choose classical method, direct method, lift with Endotine or Silhouette lift. Surgeries are done under analgosedation. 

From €3500
Butt Implants


We use Nagor and Eurosilicon,both have quality requirements of ISO and EN standards and have the CE certificate. Free evaluation from from our specialists.

Price includes implants, consultation, anesthesia, postoperation care, hospitalization for 2 nights (food), aftercare medicaments.

From €3200
Calf Implants


Come to visit us on a free consultation, or send us a photos and our specialist will help you.

Price with implant, anesthesia and hospitalization for 1 night.

From €1900
Cheek Implants


Price includes implants, anesthesia, hospitalization for 1 night, medicaments, aftercare. Free consultation with our specialist.

From €1600
Chin Implant


Price all includes. Free consultation. Surgery under general anesthesia with 1 night hospitalization.

From €500
Eyelid surgery


Blepharoplasty is surgery under local anesthesia. Very comfort and common surgery. We need not use a tape on suturline. Healing is with special ointment. Client is able to fly back at the same day.

€500  -  €900

In price includes also, consultation, local anesthesia, medicaments. After surgery free taxi across Prague.

€1500  -  €2700


Minifacelift, necklift, facelift, facelift + SMASS

Facelift SMASS+ necklift is surgery under general anesthesia with hospitalization for 2 nights at our clinic. Price includes consultation, anesthesia, aftercare, medicaments, hospitalization ( food).

Facelift can be in combination with blepharoplasty.

Fat Transfer
From €5000
Fat Transfer to breast


We providing unique and gentle method of fat transfer. This very popular method in last years secure you a slim figure and enlargement your breast, or buttock. Surgery is done under analgosedation, with no need of hospitalization. In first step we 

make a liposuction with Body jet machine and then transfer the pure fat to determine part. In price all included. Free taxi over Prague.

From €4300
Fat transfer to buttock
From €1400
Fat transfer to wrinkles
From €1600


Done under general anesthesia with hospitalization for 1 night. Price also includes anesthesia, consultation, 1 night (food ), aftercare, medicaments for homecare.

Free taxi over Prague.

From €1200
Inverted Nipple Surgery
From €1200


€1200  -  €2800


Liposuction with Body jet machine.1 Part

 ( hips/upper abdomen/lower abdomen/inner thighs/outer thighs/buttock/arms/back)

From €1200
Liposuction of 1-2 areas
2 Parts
From €2200
Liposuction of 3 areas
3 Parts
From €2800
Liposuction of 4 areas
4 Parts
From €2800
Liposuction of 5 areas
5 Parts
From €1200
Body-Jet™ Liposuction


Minimally invasive, Body-Jet Water Liposuction is an innovative new liposuction technique that uses the power of water to gently flush unwanted fat away. After treatment, which is only under local anesthesia, you can go home. Send us your photos, consultation is for free.

Neck Liposuction
From €800
Neck Liposuction
From €800
Face liposuction
From €1150
Face and neck liposuction
From €800
Double chin liposuction
From €1200
Tumescent Liposuction
From €1300
Neck Lift


Necklift is surgery done under analgosedation. Price also includes anesthesia, medicaments, aftercare.

From €650


Tretament is done under local anesthesia. Price includes also medicaments. On next day is rebandaging. Send us your photos.

Plastic Surgeon Consultation


€1900  -  €2500
From €1900
Closed Rhinoplasty
From €1200
Nasal Tip Surgery
From €2500
Open Rhinoplasty
€1800  -  €2260
Tummy Tuck


In price is all includes! No hidden fee.

Surgery is done under general anesthesia. For better result we can combine it with Body jet liposuction of hips and belly.

Price includes consultation, anesthesia, hospitalization for 2 nights( food), postoperation care, aftercare medicaments. Final price, free taxi over Prague after surgery.

We can make minitummy tuck, full tummy tuck, or tummy tuck with liposuction

From €2250
Full Abdominoplasty


Medical Aesthetics

€430  -  €750
Dermal Fillers

[Treatment name removed], Hyaluronic acid, [Treatment name removed], Metacrill, pure fat

Mole Removal
Scar Removal

Payment Information

DiscountsPayment plansFree initial consultationCredit cards


Private Patients Welcome

Dr Petr Jan Vašek

Job Title:
  Principal Surgeon
  Anti-Aging Medicine, Beauty Therapy, Cosmetic Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery, Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgery
  English, Czech, Russian


DATE OF BIRTH 18.2.1942
CITIZENSHIP: Czech , Canadian , South African
Marital Status : Married with two children
LANGUAGES : English, Czech, good command of written and spoken Russian and German


1966 – Palackys University of Olomouc Medical School
1972 – Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology Grade I Prague
1977 – Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology grade II Prague
1987 – Specialist in Otorhinolaryngolohy and Head and Neck Surgery , Studies for FRCSA , MMED ( Witwatersrand University ,Johannesburg, South Africa)


15 years Senior Consultant – Senior Lecturer,PrincipaL Specialist, Clinical Head (Clinical Professor),Division of Otorhinolaryngology,Head and Neck Surgery ,University of Witwatersra nd,Medical School, Academic General Hospital,Johannesburg,South Africa
10 years in Private Practice at Carstenhof Hospital ,Midrand,Johannesburg,RSA
7 years Director of Division of Head Neck Surgery,Scull Base Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery,University of Wirwatersrand,Medical School,Johannesburg Academic Hospital, RSA
5 years ASKLEPION, Centrum of Aesthetic Medicine and Laser Centrum,Prague
2 years Head Physician - primár – Glamour Miniinvasive Aesthetic Clinic,Prague

Dr Tomáš Beneš

Job Title:
  Aesthetic Medicine Physician
  Breast Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgery
  English, Czech, Slovak


Medical education and qualification

2000 – MUDr. P.J. Šafárik University, medical faculty, Košice, Slovakia

2003 – 1st degree board certification

2007 – european board certification in plastic surgery

Since 2008- he belongs into replantation team of a plastic surgery clinic in University hospital in Košice. He is a microsurgery specialist.

Since 2009- he works as a plastic surgeon at privat plastic surgery clinic in prešov, Slovak republic

Works as a doctor at a plastic surgery clinic in University hospital in Košice, Slovakia, since 2000

Technical guarantor for plastic surgery at Formé clinic in Prague, since 2013

He likes playing on percussion. He plays fusion jazz in 2 musician groups. He is a big fan of winter extrem sports and mountains. He loves travelling all around the world.

Dr Peter Mertan

Job Title:
  Aesthetic Medicine Physician
  Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgery, Breast Surgery, Eye Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery
  English, German, Spanish, Slovak, Hungarian


Name: Peter Mertan

Date of birth: 26 November 1975

Place of birth: Rožnava, Slovak Republic

2010 Specialisation assistance in the field of plastic surgery, Prague, CZ

2004 Attestation in the field of surgery – Level I, Prague, CZ

1994 – 2000 Faculty of Medicine at Komenský University, Bratislava, SR

10/2011 – present Cooperation with Instituto de Dr. Javier de Benito, Barcelona, Spain

5/2013 – present W.B.A., Planá u Mariánských lázní, CZ

2/2014 – 9/2015 Corporacion dermoestetica, Andorra

11/2010 – 7/2011 Instituto de Cirurgía Estética Dr. Serra Renom, Hospital Quirón, Barcelona,

5/2005 – 5/2010 Clinic of Plastic Surgery at Royal Vinohrady Teaching Hospital, Prague, CZ

1/2002 – 5/2005 1 st Surgical Clinic at Royal Vinohrady Teaching Hospital, Prague, CZ

9/2001 – 12/2001 Burns Clinic at Royal Vinohrady Teaching Hospital, Prague, CZ

2/2001 – 6/2001 Hand Surgery Department, National Institute of Traumatology, Budapest, Hungary

11/2000 – 2/2001 Orthopaedic-Traumatology Clinic at Jesenius University, Martin, SR

2015 World Experts Meeting, Silhouette Soft, Barcelona, Spain

2014 World Experts Meeting, Silhouette Soft, Barcelona, Spain

2013 Silhouette Soft Course, Barcelona, Spain

2012 Silhouette Soft Course, Barcelona, Spain

2011 2 nd congress of the Spanish Society of Fat Transplantation /SETGRA/, Barcelona,

2004 – 2010 Congresses, courses and events held by the Czech Society of Plastic Surgery

2004 World Congress of Hand Surgery, Budapest, Hungary

2001 6 th Advanced Course of Hand Surgery, Lilafured, Hungary

English Advanced

Czech Advanced

Spanish Advanced

Russian Intermediate

Hungarian Intermediate

German Lower intermediate

Dr Petr Hýža

Job Title:
  Aesthetic Medicine Physician
  Plastic and Reconstuctive Surgery
  English, Czech

Professional CV

Interest in plastic surgery since the 3rd year of medical school, practical experience with microsurgery  (since 1994)

2001 – now – Plastic Surgery Clinic at the St. Anna University Hospital – plastic surgeon

Specialist in aesthetic surgery since 2005

From 2012 Leticia – plastic surgery – aesthetic operations

From 2010 the highest number of aesthetic surgeries per year in Brno – extensive practical experience

2004  – now – Faculty of Medicine at MU Brno – assistant professor


2001 – 1st degree surgery

2005 – plastic surgery

Work experience

Cosmetic-aesthetic surgery

Reconstruction surgery – breast reconstruction after ablations and prophylactic procedures

Foreign stays

Brazil – Hospitál Universitario, Juiz de Fora, MG – 1-month stay in 1997 – IFMSA exchange program

USA – Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL – 1-month stay – June 2006    

USA – University of Minnesota and VA Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN – Fulbright fellowship from February 2007 to July 2007 – focus on breast reconstruction



Cooperation on the IGA grant project “Functional hand replacement” (2004)


Co-investigator of the IGA grant project “Vasospasms of Microsurgically Transmitted Lobes and Treatment Options” – since 2005

Study “Body-logic”, study “Quality of Life and Outcome Comparison Between Implant Based Versus Autogenous Breast Reconstruction and Change in Trends of Breast Reconstruction Over the Years in the U of M and VA hospitals” – since 2007 at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Pedagogical activities

Education of students of the Faculty of Medicine at MU since 2004

Lectures and practical education at international courses focusing on lobes carried out on carcasses in 2003 and 2004

Post-gradual education – lectures within the pre-attestation IPVZ course in 2005

Tutor of a student scientific work (SVK) – in 2007, winning work in the surgery category

Education of students of medicine at University of Minnesota within the Fulbright foundation fellowship in 2007


Over 20 publications in reviewed journals, half of them in journals with an impact factor


Plastic surgery association under CLS JEP 

Czech Medical Chamber

GMC – General Medical Council of Great Britain

(01) 901 0176 ext: 87888 Václavské náměstí 36, Prague 1, Česká republika, 11000