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(01) 901 0176 ext: 81514 Athens, Greece
Medimall IVF Clinic in Athens Greece provides integrated medical services in IVF including in vitro fertilization, egg donation, ICSI, intrauterine insemination, ovulation induction as well as high technology diagnostic and imaging services. Medimall also offers 100% money back guarantee in case of failure of three attempts of IVF.
AI - Artificial Insemination  
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Saint Lazar

(01) 525 5342 ext: 49306 Sofia, Bulgaria
Rating from 1 Review In the end things went better than I expectedAnonymous, Vancouver, 25 May 17

I'm single and 43 with PCOS. Price has been the biggest barrier for me and I already knew that I wasn't going to be treated in Canada or the USA. I spent years looking for a cheaper alternative as I wasn't prepared to go into huge debt in order to swallow the 14,000$ price tag in Canada for one round of treatment. It makes me angry that I was forced to go abroad for treatment and I question why the clinics at home charge so much. In the end, things went better than I expected and three embryos were transferred yesterday so, I remain optimistic and hopeful. Dr Lachev, God Bless him, he didn't hold back on the medication and I felt him and his team were doing everything in their power to achieve the impossible. I have PCOS and no shortage of eggs. They got 15 eggs and only six fertilized which really, is an indication of the poorer quality of the eggs because of my age. I could have gone the donor egg route but personally felt that I still wanted to try with my own first since, I still have lots of them. No regrets at all:) I flew in from Canada because I couldn't afford treatment there. I didn't know what to expect however, I'm happy to report that treatment at this clinic exceeded my expectations. One lady there was incredibly helpful with translation and explaining to me in detail what the process involved and was with me every step of the way. I was really surprised in general, the clinic was spotless and very professional. State of the art equipment and huge examination rooms. They took my blood on site and had the results in 30 minutes. I came in daily for the injections. Being that there was a slight language barrier, it did not feel like a hindrance. My Doctor was fabulous. Dr. Lachev was very comforting and non-judgemental as I'm 43 and not an ideal candidate for IVF with my own eggs. Not once did he say no. He was very positive which I feel is important and his attitude was more like "Lets try." I felt I received better care here than in Canada and treatment was fast and efficient. The whole experience felt a lot less stressful in general and within a few days, I began to relax and knew I had made the right choice in coming here. Sofia is a gorgeous city which is an added bonus.

AI - Artificial Insemination From €256
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Jinepol IVF Clinic Istanbul / Turkey

076 888 6165 Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 11 Reviews I end up being pregnant for twinsZiyoda, Uzbekistan, 31 Mar 17

I have been trying to get pregnant for few year with no results. Me and my husband had both fertility problems. I had very bad endometriosis, uterine fibroids. My husband had low sperm count. We had no chance but IVF. After long researches we picked Jinepol IVF clinic, and this was our best choice in our life!!! I don't have enough words in my dictionary to describe Dr. Selim! He is very very knowledgeable, intelligent, highly experienced professional. He will provide all information you need. I would go to his visit with full list of questions, but and the end of his talk all questions would be answered without me asking him him. He is very friendly, always ready to help! Clinic staff are very very friendly and helpful! It is just pleasure to be there! We already went there with so much worries and stress, but whole process turned out joy and pleasure, which I end up being pregnant for twins! Dreams come true and Dr. selim will help you!

AI - Artificial Insemination From €650
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Nadezhda Womens Health Hospital

(01) 901 0176 ext: 69637 Sofia, Bulgaria
Rating from 20 Reviews fully endorse Nadezhda Womens Health Hospital as an excellent facilityIan, Weymouth, 22 May 16

We reviewed a number of clinics across Europe and decided to choose Nadezhda Womens Health Hospital for the following reasons: Dr Stemanov's office is responsible for over 4,000 successful births a year - few we reviewed had this level of success or indeed volume of births The percentage success rate relating to the procedure we underwent was higher when compared to other clinics and this was also the same when related to the likelihood to become pregnant with twins as well which is what we wanted to happen Dr Stemanov has great success with women over 40 and generally the clinic has better success than we experienced first hand in the UK Our liaison point via Medspar - Iva and Julia were excellent prior to attending the hospital so we felt we would be in good hands Everything via email and via calls was explained in a straightforward manner and all costs were clearly outlined The outcome - I am now pregnant with twins and 14 weeks pregnant as I write this review The whole experience with the team here: Dr Stemanov is wonderful and so are his team. They are caring, patient and you are not rushed in and out of scheduled appointments. It takes as long as it takes for each personal visit to ensure you are fully informed and updated and the next steps are clearly explained. Even though Dr Stemanov speaks excellent English our liaison points with Medspar also attend every appointment with us too because their English is perfect and they make it even more personal so you feel you have a support team in place. Any emails are usually answered the same day but at worst within 24 hours and Iva and Julia are always available 24/7 on the phone. We have decided also due to flexibility on work commitments to stay in Bulgaria and for me to give birth at this hospital as well. Dr Stemanov appraised of this information decided to see me weekly during the first trimester to make sure my progress was normal and this has been very reassuring. I am now in the hands of another doctor to run the scans and all I can say is that this doctor is excellent too with perfect English and I spent 1 hour and 15 minutes during the scan to make sure all measurements and checks were diligently completed. I can only compare the level of treatment I would expect to receive back in the UK where scans would probably not be completed by a qualified doctor and I suspect I would have been rushed in and out. I therefore fully endorse Nadezhda Womens Health Hospital as an excellent facility and if you are thinking of using the services of a fertility hospital to get pregnant then you really can't do much better than this one. The care is brilliant as are the staff and team who you will deal with.

A miracle was performed on me, coaching two high quality eggs out of uncoorperative ovariesJen, US, 08 Nov 16

(Remote) stimulation and local egg retrieval. I have spent the better part of the 2016 looking for a good clinic that would provide me with thoughtful (not just 'by the book'), bespoke, cutting edge medical service in my quest to become a mother. And one that would do so at a reasonable price. I found that in Nadezhda in Sofia. I have undergone treatment at a well known clinic in London, and I have consulted in great depth with clinics in Greece, Spain, the Czech Republic, Israel, and Jordan. Nadezhda offered me excellent, timely, affordable medical advice and service. Dr. Stamenov was willing to work with me despite failed attempts at egg retrieval in the past due to poor ovarian reserve. He used modern techniques to consider my overall wellbeing and the wellbeing of the eggs. He doesn't seem as concerned with the statistics of his clinic as he does with the individual success of his clients based on their very specific needs. I feel like he performed a miracle on me, coaching two high quality eggs out of previously uncoorperative ovaries. Iva is also absolutely incredible. She is responsive, thoughtful, helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. It's wonderful having her as a partner on this journey.

AI - Artificial Insemination  
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BioTexCom Reproductive Medical Center, Kiev

(01) 901 0176 ext: 69516 Kiev, Ukraine
Rating from 11 Reviews Our baby was bornAnna, Denmark, 11 Jul 17

We have finished our surrogacy journey a few months ago when our Samantha was born. I'd like not mention my health condition, I suppose it has no matter here. If I were in these shoes again I would go to Ukraine, because it's really great country for reproductive treatment. Well, the initial went smooth, we were explained all services they have, our manager told us about clinic's rules, we underwent some tests(probably all couples there did the same) after some time of consideration we came up with the idea Biotex is what we need. It gives good conditions for reasonable prices. In addition, we had no need to pay any extra money for medication. accommodation, transportation, and interpreter what made our staying there more comfortable

AI - Artificial Insemination  
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Juaneda Fertility Center Mallorca

(01) 901 0176 ext: 88836 Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Rating from 1 Review Go for your dream! It can be true.Andrea, Germany, 14 Jan 14

I do not regret choosing this clinic. From the first contact by telephone and first visit I feel safe. The communication between the team and med was always fast and all our questions were answered. I really can recommend this clinic. Go for your dream! It can be true.

AI - Artificial Insemination From €875
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Concept Fertility Clinic

(01) 901 0176 ext: 13310 London, UK
Rating from 2 Reviews Our little boy is a miracle.Maya, UK, 13 Mar 16

Concept Fertility Clinic London was the best possible choice I have done in my life. Our little boy is a miracle and wouldn't have been possible without your knowledge and care. Now we start IVF procedure for a second child, and I'm sure that soon I will write our second story with a happy ending thanks to Concept Fertility Clinic London. During all my visits at Concept Fertility Clinic London for examinations, manipulations, I was pleased by the attitude of the doctors and all the other people who work there. They were very kind and polite and behaved as real professionals. Infertility is a physical and emotional roller coaster. I couldn't have persevered this long without them. These people will always have a special place in my heart. They made me believe them and helped me to fulfil my dream. Due to them, today I am hugging my nine-month-old baby boy; my sunshine, and I am the happiest person in the world. They are guilty for my complete happiness, and I will always be grateful to God I met them.

AI - Artificial Insemination From €268
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Medical Port, Medical Solutions Abroad

(01) 901 0176 ext: 41279 Lisbon, Portugal
Rating from 1 Review Strongly recommend.Anonymous, Lisbon, Portugal, 10 Feb 15

Very pleased with service. Strongly recommend.

AI - Artificial Insemination  
4.7 / 5  Outstanding
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Dr. Andreas Bazeos / Ανδρέας Μπαζαίος MSc FRCOG

(01) 901 0176 ext: 12231 Neo Psychiko, Greece
Rating from 20 Reviews Cost was excellentSmith, Liverpool, 04 Nov 15

I had ivf treatment.I am 40 years of age and have not managed to find a partner so decided after 3 attempts of ai to try ivf. After a lot of research and vetoing many clinics I decided on dr bazeos in athens. The cost was excellant but more importantly after many emails were exchanged I realised that dr bazeos was a man of principles and I could trust him implicitly. I would sincerely reccomend dr bazeos to anybody seeking treatment abroad. It is not possible to express how professional and trustworthy I found him to be. .Over the weeks prior to treatment he answered many questions prompltly and patiently my treatment at his clinic was conducted with the utmost repect and consideration. It can be very intimidating and worrying to know whether the clinic/dr you have chosen to go abroad to is reputable . I can only endorse dr bazeos to anyone who is seeking to find a reputable caring and knowledgable dr to undergo ivf treatment with him. You will not regret it. Miss v smith I chose this clinic after getting information from many clinics firstly because of value for money but primarily because dr bazeos showed himself to be a man of integrity. I was able to build up a picture of his character during the emails we exchanged. The clinic was very impressive . Dr bazeos treated me with utmost respect explained everything in terms I could understand and made me feel at ease. I have experienced tretament in clinics in england and in athens. With dr bazeos I can without hesitation say that my treatment under dr bazeos in athens was far more favourable and superior. I would not hesitate in seeking further treatment with this dr if I should need it. Miss v. Smith

AI - Artificial Insemination Up to €500
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(01) 901 0176 ext: 23132 Marbella, Spain
Rating from 5 Reviews Parents of a baby girlMichelle, chichester, 10 Jul 14

I am very pleased with the results, as we became the proud parents of a baby girl born by emergency caesarean section on the 26th June 2014.

Very pleasedDenise, Galway, 03 Sep 14

I was very pleased with how the appointment went last week and we are strongly considering this clinic. The apt lasted over two hours and it was very thorough in detail provided and medical discussion completed. The quote price was consistent with what was received earlier (5900) with some potential for some additional charges, but again lots of transparency.

AI - Artificial Insemination  
This can be used when tubal patency is confirmed and the sperm count is satisfactory. A prepared amount of sperm is injected through a soft catheter into the uterine cavity on the appropriate day of the cycle. If the male partner has no sperm or has a very low sperm count, donor sperm can be substituted.
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Kıbrıs Tüp Bebek

(01) 901 0176 ext: 36780 Nicosia, Cyprus
Rating from 3 Reviews We had an egg donation and thanks God it was successful.Maria, Germany, 08 Feb 15

Egg donation We are more than pleased. Everything was well organized and the team of Mrs Dr Mürüde had been very helpful and friendly. The clinic has a very high medical standard and we don't know how to thank Dr Mürüde and her German patient coordinator for everything they did for us. We had an egg donation and thanks God it was successful. Dr Mürüde did a great job.

We came for a gender selection treatment and it was successfulKarina, Germany, 12 Feb 15

Gender selection Dr. Mürüde Cakartas Dagdelen, Monika and the whole team did a great job. Everything was perfect organized. When we arrived on North Cyprus we did not have to worry about anything. Thanks to everybody. The IVF clinic is very modern. Dr. Mürüde a wonderful doctor, very patient with all our questions and the island is beautiful. Even after we left Cyprus they still keep in contact with us. We came for a gender selection treatment and it was successful. Thanks.

AI - Artificial Insemination  
4.5 / 5  Excellent
from 1,244 users
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Sims IVF - Clonskeagh

(01) 901 0176 ext: 62958 Clonskeagh, Ireland
Rating from 7 Reviews The real professionalsVicky, Dublin, 21 Dec 11

IVF It is never easy, but it went better than I expected and I thought I'd share it. If you want the best, then these guys are probably the real professionals. Judging by what we saw before anyway. You know by the questions you're asked. The doctor - David - heard us, got to the real problem. He wasted no time, got us started, only did necessary tests. ICSI was used this time. More privacy and better facilities - the clinic is wow in Clonskeagh. The doctors and nurses saw the human side. Doctor D made sure he looked after us right the way through. The counsellor was a surprise support. There are videos on the sims site on how to take the medication and we did use them. Sims, for us, made a long road easier. Glad we got the recommendation. Now here's hoping. Will let you know.

I have nothing but praise for Sims IVFRoisin, Ireland, 11 Nov 13

After many years wasted with another treatment facility things became very stressful and when we were finally told we needed IVF, even though we were prepared for it the news, was still a shock. We found the clinic and doctor so cold and uncaring felt like it was all money orientated. We decided to try Sims fresh start we received our notes from previous clinic and Dr. Salema did not wish to repeat tests, which I thought was brilliant. Our first consultation we were put at ease it was like a weight was lifted and stress gone. ICSI commenced in September 2012 first attempt and we were successful a beautiful and healthy baby boy born in June 2013. I have nothing but praise for Sims. Every step we felt so supported and money was barely mentioned.

AI - Artificial Insemination  
1 other location in Ireland for Sims IVF.

Sims IVF Cork

(01) 901 0176 ext: 10114 Regus Building, City Gate, Mahon, Cork
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