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3.9 / 5  Very Good
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British Cyprus IVF Center

(01) 525 5342 ext: 39957 Famagusta, Cyprus
Built on the two decades of success and experience,  British Cyprus IVF -one of the world’s top 3 IVF clinics as featured by Newsweek and 2016 IVF Clinic Of The Year at the WHTC- is your first step towards achieving your fertility dream. Created to offer a dedicated service to couples looking for fertility solutions, it comes with the same wealth of knowledge and expertise, same belief in providing access to the latest technologies and same devotion to your well-being with up to 60% reduction in costs compared to other EU countries. Our excellent success rates allow us to turn couples into happy parents every 2.5 hours.Apart from being built on the world class fertility reputation of Bahçeci, we go beyond the standard to ensure excellence in fertility treatment:The unique Comprehensive Genetic Screening centre in Cyprus – one of the few centres to evaluate donors for over 600 diseases originating from over 6,600 mutationsLegal frameworks that maintain anonymity – giving easier access to donated eggs or spermOne of the largest donor network worldwide offering over 1,800 eggsMicroSort empowered gender selectionUp to 60% reduction in costs compared to EU countriesNo waiting listFree donor search system (online)Novel solutions to enhance pregnancy outcomes (MicroFilter-Fertile Ultimate, MitoScore and time-lapse imaging)Tandem Cycle100% treatment refundOur Cyprus donor selection complies with all local and EU laws. It is also evaluated in accordance to the guidelines issued by the
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Egg Donation  
3.8 / 5  Very Good
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Dunya IVF Centre

(01) 901 0176 ext: 79072 Girne, Cyprus
Rating from 3 Reviews I am excited nowSarah, Doha, 28 Jun 15

We had egg donation treatment and all went well so far! My eggs weren't any good due to my age of 45 I think, so instead of any more IVF we decided along with the Drs to go for egg donation. We had 3 eggs implanted from a possible 8 good embryos and had the rest frozen. There were no hidden costs at all, just 4500 euros for the whole procedure and then 500 euros for freezing the eggs for a year with a choice of 250 euros a year from then onwards for as long as we like. You get to know the age and nationality and basic things like hair colour, education,but nothing else. But to be honest it's better not to know too much. That way the embryos feel like your own from the start. I didn't know how I would feel about a donors eggs, but I am excited and protective now since they have been transferred! They really do feel like they are mine anyway, plus they are fertilised by my husband anyway. The procedure was all straight forward and the Drs all very nice. They always had an interpreter with us. A very good experience all round. The clinic was just great, much to our relief! Everyone was friendly and helpful and was all professional. We had an English interpreter with us at all times from the clinic who was a lovely girl and any questions were answered fully, no matter how silly you think they are to ask! Communication via email, viber, phone was fantastic and answers received straight away. Couldn't have hoped for more caring and friendly people in what could have been a very stressful time. Thank you Dunya clinic, would recommend this clinic to anybody. Plus it is in the most beautiful part of Northern cyprus to relax you further!

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Egg Donor  
Is the process by which a woman donates eggs for purposes of assisted reproduction
4.2 / 5  Excellent
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North Cyprus IVF

(01) 901 0176 ext: 65491 Nicosia, Cyprus
Rating from 3 Reviews I was treated as person and I really felt comfortableJudith, London, 19 Mar 16

I had IVF with donor eggs, as I had failed IVF in UK and was informed that my ovarian reserve was low. The price was excellent compared to the UK, I think the procedure cost just under £4000 (excluding medications and test) I was a bit sceptical about travelling to Northern Cyprus to do IVF procedure as I was scared that because of my ethnic background I would be treated differently, but this was not so. I had a wonderful time, the staff were friendly, helpful and welcoming. My ethnicity was not important to staff, I was treated as person and I really felt comfortable. Doctor Savas is very experience, knowledgeable and is an expert in his field. On entering the reception area on my first visit I was greeted by staff, one staff in particular called me by my name. The clinic was clean and the atmosphere was one of warmth. I chose this clinic because after sending my medical records to them the team was able to sit together and discussed my situation. I later received a detailed emailed from them discussing my medical records step by step and outlining the best treatment route to take based on findings from my previous results here in the UK. I was impressed and this led me to believe that the team was knowledgeable. All my emails were answered promptly and they were able to give accurate answers to my questions.

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Egg Donor €4500  -  €5000
Gg (oocyte) donation IVF is the treatment option forcouples with female infertility factor. In many instances, the female’s eggproduction could be insufficient, egg quality maybe poor or the age of thepatient does not allow her to conceive with her own eggs. This option is alsoexplored when the female is already in menopause and unable to produce eggs. Inthis case, a healthy egg donor is chosen and her eggs are used to fertilizewith the husband’s sperm. The formed zygote is then transferred into the wife’suterus. An egg donor is the person who donates her eggs to be received byanother woman who is not able to become pregnant with her own eggs. An eggdonor needs to meet certain criteria. Her body mass index must be withinhealthy standards and the acceptable age range for a donor is between 21 and29. In order to ensure that a donor is physically, genetically andpsychologically healthy for the donation, she has to undergo a number of tests.At North Cyprus IVF, we make sure egg donors comply with all the health standards prior to making a donation.
4.5 / 5  Excellent
from 707 users
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Embryolab IVF Unit

(01) 901 0176 ext: 37005 Thessaloniki, Greece
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Egg Donor €5500  -  €6500
4.1 / 5  Excellent
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GYNEM Fertility Clinic Prague - MEDICAL TRAVEL

(01) 901 0176 ext: 88999 Prague, Czech Republic
Rating from 15 Reviews It was one of the best clinic that I have ever seenAmirhossein, Mandal, 13 Oct 16

Dear Richard Thank you for every thjng .It was one of the best clinic that i heve ever seen and all the people who work there are the best. My wife and me thank all of you. Best regards -Amir

FantasticLesley, Birmingham, 16 Sep 14

From day 1 of getting in touch with gynem we felt very comfortable, they are very helpful in every aspect. Our experience was fantastic and being in prague was fabulous, such a beautiful place. The whole team at gynem were so friendly and professional. I recommend gynem to anyone wanting that personal touch x

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Egg Donor - Egg Donation Programme From €4800
Guarantees: - Selection of a suitable donor for the recipient according to requirements (height, weight, colour of eyes, colour of hair, blood type). - We guarantee 6 harvested eggs and 2 healthy embryos for transfer if the sperm quality is good. - If donor does not produce enough eggs, we will provide you with a new donor for no extra charge. - If your 1st and 2nd cycle is not successful (you are not pregnant) you will get the 3rd shared cycle for free. This price includes: - Airport pick up, first transfer to the clinic with our representative - Monitoring and consultations with doctors  - Stimulation medications for the recipient- Selection,testing, compensation and drugs for donor - Compulsory pre-treatment tests - Infectious diseases testing (Hepatitis B and C, HIV and Syphilis) - Ultrasound examinations during treatment - Fertilization via the ICSI method - Prolonged cultivation of embryos to blastocyst stage -Transfer of 1 - 2 fresh embryos - Sperm collection, sperm analysis (spermiogram) and sperm freezing for 1 year 
4.9 / 5  Outstanding
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(01) 901 0176 ext: 67662 Brno, Czech Republic
Rating from 7 Reviews I would highly recommendCAgirl, US, 19 Jul 14

Egg donor IVF Very professional, clean and I would highly recommend. We delivered our baby girl in Feb 2014. Great price.

I felt a very personal touchAdrienne, Canada, 28 Oct 14

I have no hesitation in recommending ReproGenesis and look forward to returning! Not only did we get a dedicated coordinator who responded to every email, usually within 24 hours, but she would call (from Brno to Canada) to discuss anything I wanted to discuss. We were in touch for well over a year before we decided to start our treatment plan. I felt a very personal touch, that my specific situation was being considered when the treatment plan was being defined, and that every effort was made to help the doctors here in Canada provide the tests and scans needed by the clinic. All communication was prompt, professional and helpful. Even my doctors here were very impressed. When we arrived in Brno and visited the clinic, it felt like visiting friends. Everyone we interacted with during our time there seemed happy and genuine, and they really made us feel that they were rooting for us – the nurses, coordinators, doctors, and general office staff. We were kept well informed at every step of the process, never pressured or rushed, and were allowed last minute changes, like opting for only a single embryo transfer rather than the planned double transfer. The transfer day ran like clockwork. Things were calm and smooth, as we were escorted from room to room. I felt safe. The doctor was warm and friendly, and the transfer itself was quick and painless. With the 5 day transfer, it meant we had ample time for some day trips and to enjoy the Czech countryside – along with nearby Budapest and Vienna. But the best souvenir that we brought back was our ‘little HB’, the hatching blastocyst that we chose to implant, whose heartbeat and ultrasound image we just saw for the first time today, healthily developing at 6 weeks 5 days!

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Egg Donor €4500
Reprogenesis ic clinic specialized to donor oocytesfor infertility patients, donor oocytes helps themto be succesful in their treatment, to be pregnant and have a child. Waiting time for donor oocytes at our clinic is minimal and we are doing our best to find suitable donor with the same genetic disposition and also with the same interests. We use only utilizing oocytes from proven donors. This package includes: -treatment protocol, - stimulating medications for the egg donor, - monitoring of the donor's IVF cycle, - donor's oocyte retrieval, - fertilization of all mature oocytes via ICSI, - prolonged embryo cultivation, - assisted hatching, - embryo transfer, - ultrasound exam of the recipient, - the donor's compensation
3.4 / 5  Good
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Bahceci IVF Centers

076 680 1427 Istanbul, Turkey
Under the leadership of Prof. Mustafa Bahçeci, Bahçeci IVF Centers continue to offer its patients services in the fields of infertility and in-vitro fertilization (IVF), gynecology, pregnancy and delivery monitoring, male infertility, family practice and diet counseling, psychology and psychotherapy and endoscopic surgery. Bahçeci IVF Centre is a world leading fertility and women’s health group. Since 1996, we have seen 30,000 successful births with success rates well above the EU average. Currently, a Bahçeci baby is born every 2.5 hours. We employ over 400 fully qualified, highly experienced and committed staff to serve 10 centres in 7 countries. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in IVF. Over the past two decades we have built a reputation in the fertility field as “the centre for difficult infertility cases”. We are known for helping those patients who did not think there was any hope of having a baby to start a family.   Our IVF centres comply with all local and EU laws. It is also evaluated in accordance to the guidelines issued by the internationally respected reproductive medicine associations, including the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). We have also attained the relevant ISO quality standards (ISO9001 and ISO27001).   Our commitment to patients all around the world was one of the key reasons we were named Fertility Clinic of the Year for 2016 by WHTC, Dubai
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Egg Donor  
4.4 / 5  Excellent
from 368 users
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Intersono IVF clinic

Lviv, Ukraine
Rating from 3 Reviews Excellent customer serviceSarah, United Arab Emirates, 25 Feb 16

I'm going to have my treatment in May and so far I'm happy with all the advice and the level of attention provided. Dr. Mihailishina seems to be naturally caring and possesses pretty strong knowledge on latest research. Excellent customer service. So far I'm extremely happy with Dr.Mihailishina in Intersono. She is up to date with modern research and impact of vitamin supplements on endometrios and whatever can affect the outcome of the IVF.

Egg Donor
Egg sharing donation program (set of fresh donor oocytes 6-8, ICSI, embryo culture, embryo transfer) From €3500
Egg Donation using Vitrified Donor Oocytes From €3700
Egg donation using Vitrified Donor Oocytes (set of vitrified donor oocytes 6-8, ICSI, embryo culture, embryo transfer) Included: • Initial consultation with Intersono fertility specialist (personal doctor and medical coordinator who will be in constant contact with you at all stages of your treatment). • Free 3-days free access to broad Egg donor catalog with more than 200 completely screened donors with different phenotypes. • Vitrified oocyte donor selection process (1 set – 6-8 oocytes). • Personalised treatment planning for each patient. • Endometrial lining stimulation protocol. • Warming of vitrified oocytes. • Egg donor compensation. • The semen analysis and sperm preparation (it can be partner`s or donor`s sperm). • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) of thawed oocytes with partner`s or donor`s sperm. • Embryo culture. • Embryo transfer. • Detailed embryological development report and photo of transferred embryos. • Assistance with visa applications, hotel and travel arrangements. • 2 Airport Transfers and complimentary city tour with a guide. • Patient support during and after the treatment program. We guarantee: - 8 vitrified donor oocytes and at least one blastocyst for embryo transfer - no egg sharing - no waiting list, individual donor selection
Egg Donation Program From €4600
Fresh cycle, 1:1 donation (donor screening, stimulation, egg retrieval, ICSI, embryo culture, embryo transfer) Included: • Free Initial consultation with Intersono fertility specialist (personal doctor and medical coordinator who will be in constant contact with you at all stages of your treatment). • 3-days free access to broad Egg donor catalog with more than 450 completely screened donors with different phenotypes . • Free Egg donor selection process (with personal assistance from your doctor should you require it). • Personalized treatment planning for each patient. • Endometrial lining stimulation protocol. • Egg donor medical and psychological screening, medication, stimulation. • Donor egg retrieval with anesthesia. • Egg donor compensation. • The semen analysis and sperm preparation. • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). • Embryo culture. • Embryo transfer. • Detailed embryological development report and photo of transferred embryos. • Assistance with visa applications, hotel and travel arrangements. • 2 Airport Transfers and complimentary city tour with a guide. • Patient support during and after the treatment program. We guarantee: - more than 10 mature oocytes and 2 blastocysts for embryo transfer - no egg sharing - no waiting list, individual donor selection
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4.9 / 5  Outstanding
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(01) 901 0176 ext: 63565 Kiev, Ukraine
ISIDA-IVF, Kiev, UkraineISIDA-IVF is a leader in the treatment of infertility in Ukraine, providing a full range of services from conception to birth and newborn care. 24 years of experience in Ukraine.Over 600 professionals working in the clinic, including 140 physicians.Over 1 500 foreign patients per year are treated in ISIDA-IVF.More than 16 000 foreign patients used the services of ISIDA-IVF in the past 11 years.Liberal legislation of Ukraine allows the use of all necessary modern methods of infertility treatment.The clinic operates in accordance with European protocols and achieved the certificate ISO 9001.Client Division within the clinic supports international patients and helps them feel comfortable during treatment.ISIDA Clinic is one of the pioneers in Ukrainian infertility treatment services. The clinic started its work by helping the patients to find a solution to this problem 24 years ago. The excellent success rates, growing donor database and reasonable prices are among the reasons why foreign patients choose our clinic. Over the past 5 years, the clinic has performed 5,456 cycles for the patients from 67 countries. A lot of them have returned to us, wishing to expand their family further. The clinic operates in accordance with European treatment protocols while maintaining an individual approach to each patient. Our team uses all of its knowledge and experience to make a desired result possible. Emotions are one of the key factors in the occurrence o
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Egg Donor From €3920
1 other location in Ukraine for ISIDA-IVF.

ISIDA - Kiev Clinic Branch

(01) 901 0176 ext: 88523 Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue, Kyiv
4.3 / 5  Excellent
from 1,025 users
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Embryoland Center for Assisted Reproduction and Fertility

(01) 901 0176 ext: 67583 Athens, Greece
Rating from 29 Reviews I am now pregnant with twins!Rebecca, Australia, 08 Dec 15

I had both OE and DE treatment with Dr Nikos. It was 12 months between the two and Dr Nikos stayed in touch with me the entire time consulting with me about optimising uterine lining and generally being unfailingly supportive. You just know that he will stick with you until you realise your dream, and the whole team turn an emotionally difficult process into one filled with warmth and hope. And I am now pregnant with twins! I would recommend Embryoland without a single hesitation. It can be difficult travelling overseas for something so personal, but I felt like family in a short time. And now I am pregnant with my beautiful babies.

Egg Donor
IVF with Egg donation €4900  -  €5700
Egg Donation €4900  -  €5700
We offer a full range of IVF with donor eggs treatments with almost no waitingtimes to start any type of treatment.
3.6 / 5  Very Good
from 167 users
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Prague Medical Institute - IVF

(01) 525 5342 ext: 27846 Prague, Czech Republic
Having a baby is one of the greatest miracles in life, however nearly 15% of population cannot conceive in natural way. Infertility is a civilisation disease that poses a significant threat to our society. More and more couples are becoming infertile and the only solution is assisted reproduction. The quality of infertility treatment in Czech clinics is among the best in the world and therefore we suggest looking for a help here. We will be by your side looking for the best treatment to make your dream come true.
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Egg Donor - Egg Donation From €4000
The price of the treatment always depends on your needs. There are multiple packages available - you can choose the best one for you. Find out more about the packages and guarantees. REFUND GUARANTEE PROGRAM The Czech Republic's legislature allows homologous as well as heterologous artificial insemination, i.e. egg donation, semen donation and embryo donation. According to Czech law, the age limit for women who can undergo these treatments is 49 years. This means that at age 50 it is no longer possible to undergo artificial insemination treatments.Our egg donation (also known as ED) program in the Czech Republic is designed for women who, even after hormonal stimulation, cannot have their eggs harvested and as a result need eggs from a female donor. Thanks to our large database of donors we are able to offer you the donor who best fits your needs and to schedule the synchronisation and the embryo transfer without wasting any of your precious time. We understand how even a single month can be significant. We know that nature stops for no one, so we keep our promise of no wait time.
4.5 / 5  Excellent
from 485 users
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Nadezhda Womens Health Hospital

(01) 901 0176 ext: 69637 Sofia, Bulgaria
Rating from 19 Reviews I am happily pregnantMarie, Germany, 19 Aug 14

Egg donor IVF in Nadezhda women`s Health Hospital We met with Johann when I was 39. He had two children from a previous relation, I wasn't that lucky. Anyway, we decided that we wanted a child together and tried naturally for a year. Then we had 2 IVF trials and one FET, but with no joy. We have been recommended to try with donor eggs. There were options in Prague which is nearby, but we decided for Spain in order to combine treatment with a sunny vacation. Prices were tolerable; success rate reported over 65% and it looked all optimistic. It took us 2 egg donation cycles to realize it wasn't that easy to get pregnant. All hopes slumped and I gave up. Then in a few months a colleague at 49 turned out to be pregnant and there was a lot of fuss about it. I talked to her and she gave me the contact of Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital in Sofia where she got pregnant after first trial. The result was there, so I decided to give it one more try. And here I am happily pregnant in my gestational week 11! From a 1st trial! But it was not just good luck. In Nadezhda, Dr. Stamenov found that my right tube had hydrosalpinx which he successfully removed. Also that I had Protein C deficiency which increased the risk of blood clotting. I am very grateful to Dr Stamenov and his team. All hospital staff was very kind and professional. And Dr Stamenov, who is head of the fertility team, personally takes care of his patients – consulting, ultrasounds, the embryo transfer too. Special thanks to Sisi from Medspa who was my fairy and helped my baby miracle come true. Sisi was with me through all the process, promptly answering my numerous questions on the mail and giving advice, also being with me in the hospital in this very emotional time. Thank you all!

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Egg Donor From €5300
The package price of EUR 5300 for a donor-egg IVF includes:  patient’s medical/fertility history review, initial consultation; follow-up consultations, egg donor matching, ultrasound scans, blood tests, IVF treatment protocol establishment, IVF treatment program clarification and medical administration guidance, synchronising the recipient’s cycle with the egg donor’s cycle, stimulation medications for the egg donor and donor compensation, prescribing proper medications to improve the recipient’s endometrial receptivity, donor egg retrieval incl. anaesthesia and anesthesiologist, sperm collection and preparation for egg fertilization /preparation of donor sperm/, fertilization with ICSI, extended cultivation over 48 hours / blastocyst culture /if applicable/, everyday information on the embryos development, assisted hatching, embryo transfer, treatment follow-up, assistance with travel arrangements and accommodation, meeting at airport and airport transfers, transportation from the hotel to the clinic and accompanying at the visits there, cell phone for use in Bulgaria with important numbers pre-programmed, travelers information and advice on: cultural differences, savings, SPA treatments, sightseeing, dining, movies, concerts, wine tasting, day trips to historical, cultural or natural landmarks and shopping.
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