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British Cyprus IVF Center

(01) 525 5342 ext: 39957 Famagusta, Cyprus
Built on the two decades of success and experience,  British Cyprus IVF -one of the world’s top 3 IVF clinics as featured by Newsweek and 2016 IVF Clinic Of The Year at the WHTC- is your first step towards achieving your fertility dream. Created to offer a dedicated service to couples looking for fertility solutions, it comes with the same wealth of knowledge and expertise, same belief in providing access to the latest technologies and same devotion to your well-being with up to 60% reduction in costs compared to other EU countries. Our excellent success rates allow us to turn couples into happy parents every 2.5 hours.Apart from being built on the world class fertility reputation of Bahçeci, we go beyond the standard to ensure excellence in fertility treatment:The unique Comprehensive Genetic Screening centre in Cyprus – one of the few centres to evaluate donors for over 600 diseases originating from over 6,600 mutationsLegal frameworks that maintain anonymity – giving easier access to donated eggs or spermOne of the largest donor network worldwide offering over 1,800 eggsMicroSort empowered gender selectionUp to 60% reduction in costs compared to EU countriesNo waiting listFree donor search system (online)Novel solutions to enhance pregnancy outcomes (MicroFilter-Fertile Ultimate, MitoScore and time-lapse imaging)Tandem Cycle100% treatment refundOur Cyprus donor selection complies with all local and EU laws. It is also evaluated in accordance to the guidelines issued by the
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4.2 / 5  Excellent
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North Cyprus IVF

(01) 901 0176 ext: 65491 Nicosia, Cyprus
Rating from 3 Reviews I was treated as person and I really felt comfortableJudith, London, 19 Mar 16

I had IVF with donor eggs, as I had failed IVF in UK and was informed that my ovarian reserve was low. The price was excellent compared to the UK, I think the procedure cost just under £4000 (excluding medications and test) I was a bit sceptical about travelling to Northern Cyprus to do IVF procedure as I was scared that because of my ethnic background I would be treated differently, but this was not so. I had a wonderful time, the staff were friendly, helpful and welcoming. My ethnicity was not important to staff, I was treated as person and I really felt comfortable. Doctor Savas is very experience, knowledgeable and is an expert in his field. On entering the reception area on my first visit I was greeted by staff, one staff in particular called me by my name. The clinic was clean and the atmosphere was one of warmth. I chose this clinic because after sending my medical records to them the team was able to sit together and discussed my situation. I later received a detailed emailed from them discussing my medical records step by step and outlining the best treatment route to take based on findings from my previous results here in the UK. I was impressed and this led me to believe that the team was knowledgeable. All my emails were answered promptly and they were able to give accurate answers to my questions.

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Egg Freezing €2000  -  €3000
Recent advances in the In Vitro Fertilization process have now allowed us to successfully freeze, store and later thaw and fertilize cryopreserved human eggs. Oocyte cryopreservation is aimed at three particular groups of women: those diagnosed with cancer who have not yet begun chemotherapy or radiotherapy; those undergoing treatment with assisted reproductive technologies who do not consider embryo freezing an option; and those who would like to preserve their future ability to have children, either because they do not yet have a partner, are not ready to have a baby yet but would like to keep this option for future, or for other personal or medical reasons. The egg-retrieval process for oocyte cryopreservation is the same as that for in vitro fertilization. This includes several weeks of hormone injections and hormonal contraception in order to stop ovulation, followed by more hormone injections to stimulate ovaries and ripen multiple eggs. When the eggs have matured, additional hormone is given and the eggs are removed with an ultrasound-guided needle through the vagina. The procedure is conducted under sedation. The eggs are immediately frozen. Frozen eggs can be stored for as long as the patient wishes, but this must be stated precise
4.1 / 5  Excellent
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Anatolia IVF Center

076 680 1497 Cankaya, Ankara,Turkey, Turkey
ANATOLIA IVF-CENTER OF EXCELLENCE   ANATOLIA IVF-CENTER OF EXCELLENCE The mission of Anatolia IVF, which is the busiest IVF center in Ankara, is to provide the state-of-art clinical practice with the cutting-edge laboratory and genetic technology along with high moral and ethical values. We offer a wide range of assisted reproductive services including, IVF, ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), embryo freezing, pre-implantation genetic screening/diagnosis (PGS/PGD), microscopic TESE (micro-TESE) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). We offer PGS mainly for women with advanced maternal age but also for recurrent implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage. Diagnostic and operative hysteroscopic procedures are also performed at our setting. Why Turkey? We look forward to welcoming you at Anatolia IVF! ANATOLIA IVF (Sperm/egg donation and surrogacy are strictly prohibited by legislation in Turkey.
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Egg Freezing From €1484
Egg freezing procedure is performed in some conditions such as fertility preservation in cancer patients, diminished ovarian reserve and presence of  family history of premature ovarian failure. The Fee for medications used to stimulate the ovaries doesn't include this price.  The fee for medications will depend on the ovarian reserve and response, but approximately it will cost around 1500-2000 TL.
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(01) 901 0176 ext: 67662 Brno, Czech Republic
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Egg Freezing €600
3.4 / 5  Good
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Bahceci IVF Centers

076 680 1427 Istanbul, Turkey
Under the leadership of Prof. Mustafa Bahçeci, Bahçeci IVF Centers continue to offer its patients services in the fields of infertility and in-vitro fertilization (IVF), gynecology, pregnancy and delivery monitoring, male infertility, family practice and diet counseling, psychology and psychotherapy and endoscopic surgery. Bahçeci IVF Centre is a world leading fertility and women’s health group. Since 1996, we have seen 30,000 successful births with success rates well above the EU average. Currently, a Bahçeci baby is born every 2.5 hours. We employ over 400 fully qualified, highly experienced and committed staff to serve 10 centres in 7 countries. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in IVF. Over the past two decades we have built a reputation in the fertility field as “the centre for difficult infertility cases”. We are known for helping those patients who did not think there was any hope of having a baby to start a family.   Our IVF centres comply with all local and EU laws. It is also evaluated in accordance to the guidelines issued by the internationally respected reproductive medicine associations, including the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). We have also attained the relevant ISO quality standards (ISO9001 and ISO27001).   Our commitment to patients all around the world was one of the key reasons we were named Fertility Clinic of the Year for 2016 by WHTC, Dubai
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4.4 / 5  Excellent
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Intersono IVF clinic

Lviv, Ukraine
Rating from 3 Reviews Overall I liked my experience, everything was fast, clear and I got pregnantSophie, Ukraine, 22 Aug 16

This is a brilliant clinic. I went there for the treatment several years ago. All staff spoke English and were very fast in addressing questions. I was able to choose a donor myself and were communicating with my doctor on skype when I needed it. A trip to Lviv went really well, everything including accommodation, transfers, city tours, was well organized. Specialists in the clinic are very knowledgeable and supportive. Overall I liked my experience, everything was fast, clear and I got pregnant, which is the most important.

Excellent customer serviceSarah, United Arab Emirates, 25 Feb 16

I'm going to have my treatment in May and so far I'm happy with all the advice and the level of attention provided. Dr. Mihailishina seems to be naturally caring and possesses pretty strong knowledge on latest research. Excellent customer service. So far I'm extremely happy with Dr.Mihailishina in Intersono. She is up to date with modern research and impact of vitamin supplements on endometrios and whatever can affect the outcome of the IVF.

Social Freezing From €1765
4.6 / 5  Outstanding
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IVI London

(01) 525 5342 ext: 39185 London, UK
IVI London, located in the heart of London’s medical district on Wimpole Street, is IVI’s flagship clinic in the UK. IVI London offers a wide range of fertility treatments including IVF, ICSI, fertility preservation and IUI, delivering IVI’s best in class service of evidence-based medicine and pioneering techniques. Founded in 1990, IVI is a world leading fertility group with over 52 clinics across 11 countries globally, and has delivered over 125,000 babies over the past 25 years. 
Egg Freezing Package  
4.3 / 5  Excellent
from 1,021 users
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Embryoland Center for Assisted Reproduction and Fertility

(01) 901 0176 ext: 67583 Athens, Greece
Egg Freezing  
3.6 / 5  Very Good
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Prague Medical Institute - IVF

(01) 525 5342 ext: 27846 Prague, Czech Republic
Having a baby is one of the greatest miracles in life, however nearly 15% of population cannot conceive in natural way. Infertility is a civilisation disease that poses a significant threat to our society. More and more couples are becoming infertile and the only solution is assisted reproduction. The quality of infertility treatment in Czech clinics is among the best in the world and therefore we suggest looking for a help here. We will be by your side looking for the best treatment to make your dream come true.
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Egg Freezing From €2500
Social freezingThe package includes all medications needed for hormonal stimulation, initial consultation at the clinic (including ultrasound examination), examination on sexually transmittable diseases (STD), general anesthesia, oocytes retrieval, vitrification and storage of all retrieved oocytes for a period of 3 years.  It also includes airport pick-up, transfer to the clinic and client representative assistance all the time.
4.7 / 5  Outstanding
from 1,201 users
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Jinepol IVF Clinic Istanbul / Turkey

076 888 6165 Istanbul, Turkey
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Egg Freezing From €600
4.5 / 5  Excellent
from 484 users
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Nadezhda Womens Health Hospital

(01) 901 0176 ext: 69637 Sofia, Bulgaria
Rating from 19 Reviews I can't thank them enough for their helpEva, US, 30 Apr 16

Doctor Georgi Stamenov is the best of the best. I went through my first IV cycle with him and all I can say he is an excellent professional. I'm 45 years old an the age is obviously an issue here but he did everything possible to obtain 9 eggs, 7 of which were of good quality. Even though my first round was unsuccessful, I'm confident that he can make it happen! He is that good!!! The staff around him is also very professional and I can't thank them enough for their help! I will see them again in June and hopefully time will be a success! Needless to say that he is extremely busy and booked for the next couple of years. I wish you all the best and ready to fly back to Bilgaria from Seattle in June! Perfect!

fully endorse Nadezhda Womens Health Hospital as an excellent facilityIan, Weymouth, 22 May 16

We reviewed a number of clinics across Europe and decided to choose Nadezhda Womens Health Hospital for the following reasons: Dr Stemanov's office is responsible for over 4,000 successful births a year - few we reviewed had this level of success or indeed volume of births The percentage success rate relating to the procedure we underwent was higher when compared to other clinics and this was also the same when related to the likelihood to become pregnant with twins as well which is what we wanted to happen Dr Stemanov has great success with women over 40 and generally the clinic has better success than we experienced first hand in the UK Our liaison point via Medspar - Iva and Julia were excellent prior to attending the hospital so we felt we would be in good hands Everything via email and via calls was explained in a straightforward manner and all costs were clearly outlined The outcome - I am now pregnant with twins and 14 weeks pregnant as I write this review The whole experience with the team here: Dr Stemanov is wonderful and so are his team. They are caring, patient and you are not rushed in and out of scheduled appointments. It takes as long as it takes for each personal visit to ensure you are fully informed and updated and the next steps are clearly explained. Even though Dr Stemanov speaks excellent English our liaison points with Medspar also attend every appointment with us too because their English is perfect and they make it even more personal so you feel you have a support team in place. Any emails are usually answered the same day but at worst within 24 hours and Iva and Julia are always available 24/7 on the phone. We have decided also due to flexibility on work commitments to stay in Bulgaria and for me to give birth at this hospital as well. Dr Stemanov appraised of this information decided to see me weekly during the first trimester to make sure my progress was normal and this has been very reassuring. I am now in the hands of another doctor to run the scans and all I can say is that this doctor is excellent too with perfect English and I spent 1 hour and 15 minutes during the scan to make sure all measurements and checks were diligently completed. I can only compare the level of treatment I would expect to receive back in the UK where scans would probably not be completed by a qualified doctor and I suspect I would have been rushed in and out. I therefore fully endorse Nadezhda Womens Health Hospital as an excellent facility and if you are thinking of using the services of a fertility hospital to get pregnant then you really can't do much better than this one. The care is brilliant as are the staff and team who you will deal with.

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Egg Freezing From €1500
The Egg freezing program includes: patient's medical & fertility history review; initial consultation and initial examination; ovarian stimulation protocol establishment and guidance; prescribing proper doses of ovarian stimulation medications; ultrasound scans, blood tests (hormones: FSH, E2, LH, Progesterone; FBC) and consultations at the time of the ovarian stimulation; egg retrieval including anesthesia and anesthesiologist; egg evaluation, egg freezing with vitrification and 1-year storage; 2 airport transfers, treatment follow-up support.
4.4 / 5  Excellent
from 842 users
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IVF Spain Alicante

(01) 901 0176 ext: 88695 Alicante, Spain
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Egg Donation €5900  -  €10700
ED Basic: €5900 - 3 embryos at day 3ED Basic Plus: €7900 - 5 embryos at day 3ED Exclusive: €8200 - 3 embryos at day 5ED Exclusive Plus: €10700 - 5 embryos at day 5
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