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We have all the information you need about public and private hair loss clinics that provide hair transplant in the UK. Compare all the hair loss clinics and contact the hair loss specialist in the UK who's right for you.

Looking for Private Hair Transplant? Choose from 121 Private Hair Transplant Clinics in the UK and compare prices, patient reviews, and availability. Find the Best Price for Hair Transplant in the UK. Compare how much Hair Transplant cost at all 121 clinics and save money on your treatment.

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UK Hair Transplant Clinics

(01) 901 0176 ext: 87592 Hillside Medical Centre, 162 Nottingham Road, Stapelford, NG9 8AR
Rating from 2 Reviews Would recommendsteven, UK, 06 Jan 15

1300 hair graphs, I had my hair transplant on Dec. 27 2014. The surgeon and nurses really made me feel at ease. Food and drinks were available, very little discomfort during procedure. I love my result so far, early days i know, would recommend this company to anyone who asked. Thank you, and especially the nurses.

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Hair Transplant €3524  -  €8809
Micrografts / Minigrafts - Hair Restoration  
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19 other locations UK for UK Hair Transplant Clinics .

UK Hair Transplant Clinics Manchester

(01) 901 0176 ext: 11257 82 Kings Street, Manchester, Manchester

UK Hair Transplant Clinics Newcastle

(01) 901 0176 ext: 11258 116 Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne

UK Hair Transplant Clinics Bristol

(01) 901 0176 ext: 11252 Broad Quay House, Prince Street, Bristol

UK Hair Transplant Clinics Glasgow

(01) 901 0176 ext: 11255 151 West Georges Street, Glasgow
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Revive Hair & Skin Clinic

(01) 525 5342 ext: 34481 Regency House, 38 Ingrave Road, Between Cathedral & Council Offices, Brentwood, CM15 8AX
Revive is a doctor led clinic specialising in hair transplants and anti-ageing treatments. Its led by Dr Pragyan Sahu, who is trained as a GP and hair transplant surgeon. The clinic also offers trichology and dermatology consultations. We endeavour to be a specialist hair and skin hub, so all your skin and hair concerns can be addressed under one roof. Our priority is safely delivering optimum results to you. What you will find here is a personalised and tailored approach from all our team members, all of who aim to make your journey with us, as smooth and relaxing as possible. Every member of the team is passionate about helping our patients, look and feel better. Treatments are carried out in a safe and comfortable clinical setting. We offer free, no-obligation consultations for most of our procedures. You will never feel rushed and will be adequately counselled about the treatments, given ample time to address all your queries, resulting in a bespoke treatment plan.
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Hair Transplant (FUE)  
From £3.00 - £3.50 per graft
Eyebrow Transplant  
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Capital Hair Restoration - London

(01) 525 5342 ext: 14007 10 Harley Street, Marylebone, London, W1G 9PF
Rating from 12 Reviews I felt very happy in their hands.David, UK, 18 May 16

Like most I was very apprehensive about having a hair transplant.  I agonised for years about it and then I discovered Capital Hair Restoration. They explained the process extremely well and answered all of my questions.  At first I wasn't keen on having the procedure in Turkey.  It seemed fairly scary to travel rather than having it done in London.  Having agreed to the procedure I jumped on a plane as soon as possible. Darryl met me at the airport which was great as I didn't need to plan my trip.  He had booked my flights, transfers, etc.  I instantly felt at ease at the hotel as within minutes I saw two blokes who had just had their procedure.  This was a big thing for me as I was so very concerned about walking into the hotel after having my hair done and everyone staring.  I realised that this was not going to be the case as it just seemed the norm.  Great relief.  The hotel was so use catering for hair transplant patients.  They even sat at breakfast with a bandage on, not a problem.  That said I did have my breakfast in my room the day after as that's just what I preferred to do. Of course Darryl arrange this for me which was great. The day before my procedure I even got to me one of Capital Hair Restoration clients who had just had his hair done.  It was great to ask him questions.  Also funny as we both said we weren't telling anyone we were having it done.  On the day of the procedure we got picked up.  The clinic was very modern.  Staff were great.  The procedure didn't hurt at all.  I was basically laying in a chair for the best part of a day with the staff singing around me; very relaxing.  Darryl was there with me all day and kept checking I was ok.  The most amazing thing was that they managed to extract 5,000 hair units which was a record.  In the UK they would only do a couple of thousand per day meaning you would have to go through everything again the next day.  Now that I have had the procedure I was so happy to get everything wrapped up in one day.  The thought of going to sleep and having to sit all day again is not ideal.  This way you are in and out and all done - perfect.  The clinic were very slick to extract that many and put them back in my head.  They clearly have done this hundreds of times before you could tell they knew exactly what they doing.  It felt like being on a very well tried and tested production line.  I felt very happy in their hands. After the procedure they provided some medication and instructions on what to do.  I then went straight to bed.  Found it a little difficult to sleep due to the bandage and the fact you had to sleep upright a little but not too bad. The next day the bandage was removed at the clinic.  I met other patients in the waiting area.  We were all discussing the procedure, we all seemed so happy we had the procedure done.  I now didn't feel conscious at all.  I even walked around the city with Darryl with my head completely on display.  I just didn't care anymore.  One of the main benefits of being abroad is that I didn't know anyone so why care.  That night I flew home with the hat on the clinic provided to protect my head.  The hat actually worked really well as I didn't have to worry about being stared at or damaging my transplant. The next few days my heads felt a little soar.  To be expected of course.  Both the top and back of my head felt numb.  I started to apply water to my head as instructed to keep it clean and help remove any small scabs.  Before long I was applying the shampoo provided and starting to get more confident touching my hair.  Its a fairly long recovery process but everyday things get a little better.  Its totally worth it. It took a few weeks for my head to start settling down.  Each week he numbness was reduced and my hair was growing.  I was lucky as I didn't experience a lot of shedding, probably only 20% fell out evenly.  I still have a little numbness now at 7 months but very minimal. As I said earlier I didn't tell anyone I had it done expect my wife but I think my family were a little suspicious as I kelp getting compliments like you look so much younger.  As the months went on I managed to keep my hair short by cutting it carefully.  Each month my hair grew thicker which just made me get a little more excited.  I was counting down the months.  I am now at month 7 and I am so happy with my hair.  If no more grew now I would be happy.  Come month 12 it should look amazing. In hindsight I think my journey would have been a lot easier if I was honest and told people I had it done as it would have stopped my locking myself away for as long as possible to allow my hair to grow.  That said I am a private person and didn't want everyone to know so it worked for me. I was extremely happy with the service Capital Hair Restoration provided.  It was flawless.  I would recommend Capital Hair Restoration, Darryl and the clinic 100% to anyone.  They were all fantastic.  The whole experience was very easy and enjoyable.  I wish I had done it sooner, but now that I have I am very happy with the results.  In this day and age no one should worry about getting a hair transplant done.  Its now very achievable, not ridiculous expensive and can be done in a day.  How amazing is that!!  Anyone thinking about doing it should.  The procedures the easy bit.  The hard part is deciding whether you admit to people you've had it done.  Whatever you decide ultimate all that matters is that you are happy with it.  I know I am! Fantastic. Very professional, friendly and efficient. Extremely happy with my results.

Hair Transplant €2936  -  €8809
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction €2936  -  €8809
Laser Hair Therapy €1051  -  €1762
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4 other locations UK for Capital Hair Restoration - London.

Capital Hair Restoration - Hertfordshire

(01) 525 5342 ext: 23127 154 Hatfield Road, St Albans

Capital Hair Restoration - Kent

(01) 525 5342 ext: 23129 54 Glebe Way, West Wickham

Capital Hair Restoration - Surrey

(01) 525 5342 ext: 23130 Minerva Medical Clinic, 39 Hartfield Roa

Capital Hair Restoration - Essex

208 Hutton Road, Shenfield
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Third Avenue Cosmetic Clinic

(01) 525 5342 ext: 23011 386B Third Avenue, Trafford Park, manchester, M17 1JE
Third Avenue Cosmetic Clinic is a Medical Aesthetics Specialist in Trafford Park. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
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Hair Transplant €586  -  €10571
Micrografts / Minigrafts - Hair Restoration €1173  -  €9396
4.1 / 5  Excellent
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KSL Hair

(01) 901 0176 ext: 17104 83 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 2AW
Rating from 1 Review What a pleasure. What great results.Mark, UK, 13 Mar 16

I researched my treatment for around 6 months looking at all clinics in Scotland. The treatment is just incredible. I have never felt so happy in years. The doctor was incredible, owner Simon a pleasure to deal with and Andrew and his team were incredibly professional. The treatment took 13 hours but passed so quickly. I watched a number of movies on their large screen TV as they worked away and provided everything I needed to make my staff comfortable. I simply cannot believe the results. I know choosing KSL hair was the right choice. I feel and look 10 years younger... I've had no pain whatsoever... Had my first after op clean up and was today. It's actually a pleasure setting foot in there... For everyone who has seen my results so far - they cannot believe it. I cannot believe it. I'm booked in for my laser in a few weeks time and I can't wait to go back. After speaking to at least 6 different consultants I instantly felt comfortable at KSL and have already recommended it to a number of people already. What a pleasure. What great results. Great city centre location. Comfortable setting - makes you feel really comfortable. Good facilities. I loved being able to sit back... Scroll through Netflix as I was being treated... The two guys who reinserted my hairs were amazing... Not only do an outstanding job but they made the day easier with some great banter.

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Hair Transplant  
FUE works to harvest hair from anywhere on your body, removing each hair root individually and transplanting it, follicle by follicle, into the hairless parts of your scalp. This is a superior process compared to the earlier grafting methods which allows all of our hair transplants in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Cardiff and Kent to be performed without sutures or leaving large scars at the donor site! As FUE is not a traumatic surgical operation, unlike the grafting method, there is no need for long periods of rest between transplanting sessions. The benefits of this means that the entire process can be completed in one day removing the stress of undergoing multiple sessions over a number of weeks or months!
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction
FUE Hair Transplant for Women  
FUE works to harvest hair from anywhere on your body, removing each hair root individually and transplanting it, follicle by follicle, into the hairless parts of your scalp. This is a superior process compared to the earlier grafting methods which allows all of our hair transplants in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Cardiff and Kent to be performed without sutures or leaving large scars at the donor site! As FUE is not a traumatic surgical operation, unlike the grafting method, there is no need for long periods of rest between transplanting sessions. The benefits of this means that the entire process can be completed in one day removing the stress of undergoing multiple sessions over a number of weeks or months!
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ReGen Hair Clinic

(01) 525 5342 ext: 17647 18 Guy Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4RT
At ReGen Hair Clinic, we only offer treatments that our growing team of Doctors and Surgeons specialise in. They are amongst the most experienced in the field of Hair Transplant Surgery, and you can rest assured that all patients are offered honest advice and the most suitable treatment for you. We use state-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced techniques to achieve the best aesthetic results with the least amount of disruption to your everyday life. Hair Transplant is performed as a walk-in walk-out procedure, which do not require general anesthetic or an overnight stay. We also understand the uniqueness of each of our Patients. Hair loss is individual and no two patients are alike. We offer a Free One on One Consultation to fully discuss your personal aesthetic goals and procedures available to you. When it comes to choosing the best hair loss surgeons, we’ve already done the groundwork for you – you can be sure you’re in safe hands with a ReGen Hair Clinic Surgeon.
Hair Transplant  
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction  
Scalp Micropigmentation  
3 other locations UK for ReGen Hair Clinic.

ReGen Hair Clinic - Bristol

(01) 525 5342 ext: 48868 Broad Quay House, Prince Street, Bristol

ReGen Hair Clinic - Cardiff

(01) 525 5342 ext: 48869 Cyncoed Consulting Rooms, Cyncoed Road

ReGen Hair Clinic - Birmingham

(01) 525 5342 ext: 48870 Cornwall Buildings, 45 Newhall Street, B
4.6 / 5  Outstanding
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The Hair Loss Control Clinic

(01) 901 0176 ext: 33852 47 Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 6RY
Hair Transplant  
FUT - Follicular Unit Transplant  
From €3.75 per graft
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction  
From €4.00 per graft
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3.5 / 5  Good
from 30 users
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Better Hair Transplant Clinics - Bury

(01) 525 5342 ext: 34720 Hilton House, Irwell Street, Bury, BL9 0HZ
Rating from 1 Review I would highly recommend this companyChris, WN48RU, 21 Sep 16

It has been well over a year now since my operation with Better Hair Clinics and I am very happy with the outcome . My hair looks natural and healthy if you are thinking about having the procedure think no longer just get on with it, It really is a life changer and worth every penny. I would highly recommend this company.

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Hair Transplant €2349  -  €5873
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction €2349  -  €5873
The FUE Hair Transplant ProcedureFUE or Follicular Unit Extraction, involves removing healthy hair follicles directly from a donor area on the scalp (usually at the back of the head where the hair is plentiful) and grafting them onto the bald or thinning areas. The treatment is carried out under local rather than general anaesthetic, eliminating risks and downtime associated with other hair transplant procedures. And, because the treatment is minimally invasive, there is no detectable scarring and, in most cases, patients are able to return to work the next day with their results. The method uses a specialised punch device, ranging in diameter from 0.6mm – 0.9mm, to extract follicular units complete with neccessary glands. This seperates surrounding tissue from the unit, meaning minimum trauma and better results, as well as minimal risk of any detectable scarring. Transplantation of all the vital elements of each hair follicle means a better survival rate and better growth. The treatment is performed under a high powered microscope using specialy designed instruments, allowing the surgeon to work with the upmost precision for natural-looking, undetectable results. You will be treated by highly experienced Doctors. Our Hair Transplant surgeons are specialised in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and treat hundreds of patients every year.FUE is a minimally invasive treatment, carried out under local anaesthetic – many patients either watch TV, or even fall asleep during the procedure.Unlike the Strip (FUT) procedure, you won’t require any stitches after your treatment. This means that the recovery time is also reduced when compared to the Strip surgery.We use the finest instruments, resulting in as minimal trauma to your scalp as possible.Thanks to our advanced skills and techniques, results can be undetectable.
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8 other locations UK for Better Hair Transplant Clinics - Bury.

Better Hair Transplant Clinics - London

(01) 525 5342 ext: 34729 22 Harley St, London

Better Hair Transplant Clinics - Manchester

(01) 525 5342 ext: 41239 132-134 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester

Better Hair Transplant Clinics - Liverpool

(01) 525 5342 ext: 34727 72 Rodney St, Liverpool

Better Hair Transplant Clinics - Glasgow

(01) 525 5342 ext: 34728 69 Buchanon St, Glasgow
4.5 / 5  Excellent
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(01) 525 5342 ext: 22631 7 Station Road, Maidstone, ME14 1QJ
Hair Transplants throughout Kent Now there’s no need to feel self-conscious due to thinning hair, as our treatments can give you thick, luscious hair with natural results to make you look and feel yourself again.  Each procedure is tailored to your specific needs in order for your hair to match your complexion and age, as well as many other factors that we take into consideration, giving you the best results possible. Hair Transplants across Great Britain If you are in need of hair restoration services in England, then our KSL Hair clinic in Kent may be the most convenient location for you. We also have clinics based in Scotland and Wales with clients requesting our services in many other locations all over the country. Our Kent branch is based in Maidstone, a stone’s throw from Maidstone railway station. With links to many major cities and towns, our Kent clinic couldn’t be easier to reach. Our main office is based in Glasgow, but by providing our hair transplant services across the British Isles we can conveniently cater to more customers who are experiencing hair loss and are looking for a solution. Contact Our Kent Hair Transplant Team Today Of course, we don’t just offer hair transplants and laser restoration services, we also offer other services, PRP injections and more.
Hair Transplant  
FUE works to harvest hair from anywhere on your body, removing each hair root individually and transplanting it, follicle by follicle, into the hairless parts of your scalp. This is a superior process compared to the earlier grafting methods which allows all of our hair transplants in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Cardiff and Kent to be performed without sutures or leaving large scars at the donor site! As FUE is not a traumatic surgical operation, unlike the grafting method, there is no need for long periods of rest between transplanting sessions. The benefits of this means that the entire process can be completed in one day removing the stress of undergoing multiple sessions over a number of weeks or months!
Laser Hair Restoration  
Laser Therapy has been proven to regrow hair Increases blood supply to the scalp by 54% after only one treatment. Delivers light energy directly from different laser positions to ensure proper dosage. Stimulates hair follicle Stops Hair Loss. Fuller, shinier, softer, thicker and more manageable hair Repairs and improves hair shaft quality. Relieves irritating scalp conditions. Increased hair strength and elasticity. Bonds and locks in conditioners for enhanced results. Repairs damage normally caused by chemicals, coloring and perms.
3.9 / 5  Very Good
from 203 users
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Hair Transplant Surgeries (HTS)

(01) 901 0176 ext: 90268 Harley Street, London, W1G7JU
 ****** Male treatment only ****** FREE HOME CONSULTATION.   Hair loss is a very personal experience and it affects people in various ways, here at HTS Clinics every single patient and every single result matters to us. Throughout the UK HTS Clinics offers Free Consultations either at our Clinics or from the comfort of your own home .     We are available to our patients from 8am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Country-wide locations We have 14 clinics in major cities around the UK. We only use Care Quality Commission-registered facilities, which means they’re regulated and inspected by the government to ensure the highest standards. All of our surgeons are GMC-registered, CRB-checked, and members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. AftercareWe speak to every single patient right up to the evening before the surgery (between 7 pm & 9pm) to make sure that when they sit down on the morning of their surgery they are well informed and comfortable. From the very next morning after the procedure we actively call and discuss the simple recovery timetable that helps our patients achieve the best results. every patient and every result is important to us. Our patients are walking advertisements of what we do and how we do it .   Free Consultation at Home or at one of our Clinics, 0 % Finance Available, World Class Accredited Surgeons, State Of the Art Clinics, Best Prices, Unparalleled Aftercare, For
Hair Transplant €2936  -  €9396
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction €2936  -  €9396
Hair Loss Treatment €2936  -  €9396
37 other locations UK for Hair Transplant Surgeries (HTS).

Hair Transplant Surgeries (HTS) Birmingham

(01) 901 0176 ext: 90223 Birmingham, Birmingham

Hair Transplant Surgeries (HTS) Nottingham

(01) 901 0176 ext: 90217 Nottingham, Nottingham

Hair Transplant Surgeries (HTS) Liverpool

(01) 901 0176 ext: 90218 Liverpool, Liverpool

Hair Transplant Surgeries (HTS) Stoke on Trent

(01) 901 0176 ext: 90220 Stoke, Stoke
4.0 / 5  Very Good
from 474 users
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Total Hair Loss Solutions

(01) 901 0176 ext: 66675 618 Scott Hall Road, Leeds, LS7 3QJ
Rating from 6 Reviews Money well spentNeil, UK, 28 Aug 14

Hair Retention I was very concerned at first about my thinning hair, but when I went to Total Hair Loss Solutions I was put at ease very quickly by Sat and his professional conduct. I had consultations with other places prior to seeing Sat and to be honest they were all not a shadow on Total Hair Loss Solutions. Sat explained everything very clearly and answered all my questions, in fact his knowledge on hair loss is exceptional. I have had 9 months treatment and the whole experience has been fantastic! My hair looks so much better now than it has been in many years and the hair loss has completely stopped. Money well spent, thanks Sat.

Hair Transplant  
At TOTAL HAIRLOSS SOLUTIONS we use state of the art technology; we can restore your hair a little at a time or in one mega session. Our innovations involve follicular, micro and mini grafts as well as our new technology called frontal hairline technique. We have experienced surgeons who are longstanding active members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.
Micrografts / Minigrafts - Hair Restoration  
Total Hair Loss Solutions offer surgical hair replacement only once we have determined the nature of your hair loss. Our free consultation service will determine whether you are suitable for hair transplantation. We have the best Surgeons in the UK and Europe.
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction  
FUE hair transplants. Consultation is necessary.
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3.9 / 5  Very Good
from 160 users
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Surgery Group Ltd Birmingham

(01) 901 0176 ext: 11308 67 VALENTINE RD, Birmingham, B14 7AJ
UK's most affordable clinic for Hair Transplants and Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia) Procedures. With UK only clinics offering the highest standards we are able to offer surgery locations including London, Glasgow, Sheffield, Newcastle, Sunderland, Manchester, Dublin and Nottingham. Hair Transplant procedures offered include: Free Hair Loss Advice FUT and FUE Procedures Stop your Hair-Loss with Prescription Medication Eyebrow Procedures Eyelash Transplants Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Semi-Permanent Make Up Gynaecomastia procedures offered include: Fast and free Skype consultations direct with our highly renowned surgeon Gynaecomastia treatment preformed under local anaesthetic to speed recovery We do not employ any sales staff and all consultations are with our surgeons We connect you directly to the surgeons who will be carrying out your procedure for added peace of mind We do not rent office space and call it a "clinic" All our surgery locations are where you can actually see your surgeon and receive treatment
Hair Transplant €2936  -  €5873
Facial Hair Transplant €2349  -  €5873
Facial Hair TransplantsSmall Facial Hair Procedures to Full Beard Transplants
Scalp Micropigmentation €1175  -  €3524
1 more treatment
8 other locations UK for Surgery Group Ltd.

Surgery Group Ltd Warrington

(01) 525 5342 ext: 38920 Gilbert Wakefield House, 67 Bewsey St, W

Surgery Group Ltd Sunderland

(01) 525 5342 ext: 19144 2 Ashmore Terrace, Sunderland

Surgery Group Ltd Harley Street

(01) 525 5342 ext: 19142 Ground Floor 57 Harley Street, London

Surgery Group Ltd Newcastle upon Tyne

(01) 525 5342 ext: 19145 4 Grainger Park Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne
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